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“A Room Of Her Own:” The Saga of the Blended Family Continues

According to Virginia Woolf, for a woman to succeed in her ambition to write fiction, she “must have money and a room of her own.” Granted your little one may not be attempting to compose the Great American [or in this case, I suppose, British] novel, and her allowance may suffice for now–but if you […]

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Puppy Play

Blended Families–Lessons 1-7

So, some lessons for the step-parent: (Some of these thoughts are based on How to Win as  Step-Family by Visher and Visher.) 1. Don’t come on too strong, overwhelming step-children and setting up expectations you can’t meet. Hold back and let your step-children approach you. 2. Acknowledge that the relationship between you and your step-children is just […]

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