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Money Matters in Couple Relationships–Avoid Financial Betrayal: Getting Taken to the Cleaners, the Poorhouse, or Worse–to Jail, ct’d

Some more stories and what to watch out for: A couple decides to go into business together. The husband has all the training–he offers practice management seminars for dentists. The word around town is that he’s an excellent dentist–and a strong teacher. The wife, who previously had worked at the front desk of his office, has […]

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Using Marriage to Complete the Tasks of Adolescence

Finally I come to the last problem marriage structure [and note that there is an infinite number of ways in which these dynamics are played out–I’m just drawing the very broad outlines]: When a spouse utilizes marriage to complete the unfinished tasks that of adolescence. A common example is the use of marriage to separate from […]

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Marriages That Begin in Subterfuge

Susan* had always been agentic, had known from her visit to Cornell that she wanted to and would go there, had known from her initial interview with Price Waterhouse Coopers that she wanted to and would work there–and had known very shortly after meeting Chris that she wanted to and would marry him. Susan, it […]

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Money Matters in Couple Relationships–50-50 Split

So, let’s assume, for the moment, that I’m that marriage coach competent in financial matters mentioned in my last entry, and a couple with an unequal money-power ratio has come to me. Let’s assume you, the reader, are one member of that dyad. So, if you’re the controlling spouse, you’re not likely to care what […]

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