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High Conflict Marriages Worse Than Divorce for Children

Justin worked hard to try not to see what was before his eyes.  The mileage on Jesse’s car didn’t add up to what it should have if she had been where she had said she was going, and he even, feeling sneaky as he did, once called a friend where Jesse said she was, only […]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Low Conflict Marriages

Here’s a statistic from Dr. Paul Amato, sociologist at Penn State University, that I find staggering:  Around 55-60 percent of divorces occur in low-conflict marriages, where hollering is at a minimum, and arguments might even be quite rare. Dr. Amato calls these marriages “good enough” marriages, with the distinct implication that these relationships could be salvaged. So […]

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Using Marriage to Complete the Tasks of Adolescence

Finally I come to the last problem marriage structure [and note that there is an infinite number of ways in which these dynamics are played out–I’m just drawing the very broad outlines]: When a spouse utilizes marriage to complete the unfinished tasks that of adolescence. A common example is the use of marriage to separate from […]

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High Conflict Marriages’ Impact on Children

 Should you leave–or stay–for your children. I’d like to return to that thought for the next couple of posts, and particularly as we examine the situation of Jesse and Jordan.* Jesse has changed a lot since her marriage to Jordan. A lot. A devout Christian when the two of them exchanged vows, she has decided […]

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