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Dumb Things to Say To Cancer Patients

P.T. Barnum had a cynical take on the degree of stupidity manifested by average Americans (“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”) –but when it comes to what they say to those suffering from cancer, he wasn’t far off the mark. I’ve been coachaing cancer patients  for over 25 years, […]

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What DO You Say To Someone Who’s Been Diagnosed With Cancer?

Well, I wrote a post about the importance of not saying stupid things when you hear your friend has cancer. And I received a bunch of e-mails in response to it, probably because a bunch of people were thinking [and I include myself among this select group]: Hey! Is she talking about me? I say those […]

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Getting Angry Helps Fight Cancer

Here’s one that screamers, hair-pullers, and dish-throwers alike will appreciate: Turn’s out it’s good for your health to express your anger. Now that may very well be one of those annoying things people come up with as they’re telling you how to live your life, now that they’ve co-opted that right, seeing as you have cancer. […]

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September is National Yoga Month

Although yoga has been a trend for years, It is such a complex practice, that speaking in Sanscrit is only part of it.   Iyengar, Ashtanga, yin (which speaks Chinese, not Sanscrit)–hot yoga, power yoga, peace yoga, and more,  While it takes work to master, anyone can get started;  observe the photo: man attempting Warrior […]

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