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People seek my help for a variety of challenges. Some have weight and exercise issues. Others experience insomnia, depression, infertility, loneliness, or chronic pain.

Some people seek coaching when their life’s partner or other family member is disabled, mentally or physically. They may feel too guilty to set limits, express anger, or make arrangements for respite or permanent care.

Work becomes the sore point for many: never worked, fired, or frustrated with a current job. I help clients explore their talents and dreams. Together we draft a resume and role-play before the interview.

Some clients are stuck in their financial arena: compulsive spending, getting out of debt, sharing expenses with a business or romantic partner. We look at warning signs and set up guideposts for progress.

If you’re stuck, I can help, using techniques such as coaching, role-playing, directed activities, and hypnotherapy. Feel more in control of your life. Get started today.

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Life Management Posts

Colleges Cope with Increased Depression

I missed National Depression Screening Day on Oct 11.  Yom Kippur found itself in the middle of my blogging agenda. Like some college students I’m posting about, my “paper” is 3 days late. The “Wall Street Journal,” however, was right on time with its feature, “College Students Flood Mental-Health Centers.” Their article covers  a “Beating Anxiety” workshop […]

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Mental Health Wellness Week

Unlike most of the Awareness Months, Weeks, or Days I cover, Mental Health Awareness Week is a grassroots public education campaign–it wasn’t designated by the Senate, it isn’t supported by an organization that’s been around since the time of King David, raising money since he, in his young shepherd incarnation, picked the jewels off of […]

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