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The Bipolar Road Less Traveled: Beyond Lithium, Part I

Once upon a time, if you were diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you were treated with lithium. And, once upon a time, it worked. According to the Report of the Surgeon General, “Success rates of 80 to 90 percent were once expected with lithium for the acute phase treatment of mania (e.g., Schou, 1989); however, lithium […]

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Knitting up “the raveled sleave of care”: Sleep and Bipolar Disorder

Sleep. I, for one, am a huge fan. I love that feeling of drifting off, right before my consciousness checks out, and I adore that well-rested feeling I have when I first open my eyes after a productively-slept night. [Those nights are becoming fewer and farther between as I age, but that’s just another one […]

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Of Bipolar Disorder, The Hippocampus, and The Return of the Exercise Fiend

My mother highly valued intelligence, and her way of putting down someone she saw as sub-par in the smarts department was saying, “He’s no brain surgeon, I’ll tell you that.” But I, literally, am no brain surgeon, so to discuss this latest research I have to do one of those “let’s start at the very […]

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Flying–Then Crying: Life In The Bipolar Cycle

I mean, sure, if you asked me would I want to sleep only 3 hours a night without feeling tired, finish my first novel in 10 ten days, start training for a half Iron Man with no ill effects, and ramp up my personality until I was the scintillating center of every social moment, I’d […]

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