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How In the WORLD Could Mediation Work?

Julie came from a wealthy family–grew up with that proverbial silver spoon practically shoved down her throat. Were her parents thrilled when she met Jim, whose highest vocational training had occurred at McDonald’s and who had never owned or rented his own apartment–and then shared the news that the two would be married within a […]

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Divorcing and Mediating, 101

Into my Julie-Andrews-let’s-start-at-the-very-beginning mode I leap. Do you actually know what steps you have to take to get a divorce? If you do, either let your eyes glaze over, or skip the next chunk. If not, it’s worth learning the following: Let’s say, for hypothetical reasons (and because I rarely get to write in the […]

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The Research on Mediation? Yup–It Really Works

There’s nothing I find more satisfying than believing in something–and then knowing that the research backs me up. When it happens the other way it’s a total bummer. But I happen to be in luck on the topic of mediation, for not only do I think it’s a better way to go through your divorce than an […]

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Mediation: Good For Me, Good For You, and Good For the Kids

 So let’s say you’re in a “what’s in it for me?” stance when the option of mediation is broached. It’s reasonable–you’ve been through a terrible time in your marriage, and you don’t want to get taken for a ride. You’re really stuck: That jerk from the previous post told you for all those years he couldn’t take […]

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