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Using Marriage to Complete the Tasks of Adolescence

Adolescence is a time of rebellion, for many, and often that includes social rebellion, as well. One young woman, a truly unique individual, in many ways, had been a member of what was forthrightly called “the popular crowd” at her private high school. She was to the manner born–her parents had been popular in the […]

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You CAN Stay: Making It Work

Judith and Jay* had a checkered relationship, as so many long-term marrieds do. They had weathered raising the children, as well as the empty-nest syndrome. Sometimes she drove him round the bend with her non-stop chatter and tendency to cheer-lead; she not so infrequently considered offing him when he began one of his political tirades, or went […]

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Living With–Or, Commonly, Without–A Commitment Phobe–Part II

Let us just take a brief moment to thank Brad Pitt for his innovative contribution to the Commitment Phobe cause. Says Pitt: “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” At once seemingly sensitive to single-sex couples deprived of the right to marry, demonstrating […]

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Money Matters in Couple Relationships–How to Communicate About Money

So you’ve bought into my proposition in my last entry that unequal financial power that is not discussed will lead to distancing everywhere, including the bedroom.  But how should couples communicate about such a difficult topic? Let’s start with a few basics. Approach one another when one or both of you recognize an issue is […]

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