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Money and Marriage: Honey I Hardly Know You

Forty-three percent of 1000 marriage partners surveyed this month by Fidelity Investments did not know how much their partner earns. 10% were off by $25,000 or more.  Ignorance is getting worse; the 2015 survey found that a mere 27% couldn’t answer that question correctly. 73% of those couples reported that they communicate very well or exceptionally […]

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High Conflict Marriages Worse Than Divorce for Children

Justin worked hard to try not to see what was before his eyes.  The mileage on Jesse’s car didn’t add up to what it should have if she had been where she had said she was going, and he even, feeling sneaky as he did, once called a friend where Jesse said she was, only […]

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Warning Signs Your Date Might Be a Commitment Phobe

The truth will out, as it always does. Eventually you will know that your partner is commitment phobic. Perhaps you’ll be like Sally, only to discover after umpteen years of false promises that your man won’t be walking you down the aisle. Or, like Wendy, you may learn that the reason your partner won’t marry you, after […]

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Is My Spouse Rigid, Controlling, or Abusive?

So you’ve read about Connie, about Kyle, about Norah, Diane, Tali, and Janice, and I’m confident you’ve gotten the ideas from these case histories that all is not right in the state of Denmark.  You probably also would like to make sure your marriage or relationship doesn’t turn out like the relationships of any of […]

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