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A Cell Donation Day That Will Live in Infamy–Part I

Henrietta Lacks was young, poor, unassuming, African-American. From Virginia, she earned her living as a tobacco farmer, happily married, had five children, and died of┬ácervical cancer at 31. But her story doesn’t end there. In pain and bleeding as the cancer took its toll, she was tested for syphilis and treated for venereal disease–but certainly […]

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Why DO The Texts Keep Getting Bigger?: DSM’s Tendency to Pathologize the Normal

Each subsequent publication of the DSM has gotten progressively larger. We can only imagine what sort of tote bag we’ll need for the upcoming DSM-5. Now, this doesn’t bother me for its own sake, really. I don’t go on family vacations with the latest volume of the DSM along for light reading. What concerns me […]

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