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Author Archive | Dr. Candida Abrahamson, Ph.D.

Of a Boy, a Brain Tumor, and a Battle: A Biofeedback Success Story

My guess is that, as he spent his days in second and third grade as all elementary students do–gazing out the window, learning a bit, chewing up pencils at the electric pencil sharpener, beginning to learn cursive just so they can forget it–Garrett Porter never guessed he’d go on to write a book about visualization […]

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Warts: The Power of the Hypnotic Mind

I try to appreciate, as the famous vet wrote, “all creatures great and small,” “all things bright and beautiful.” I find spiders entrancing. I won’t kill a waterbug, not matter how much my (grown!) daughter carries on and calls it a roach. I create my own mulch pile (termed “slop” by my husband in an […]

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How To Deal With ‘Enquiring Minds’

Years ago there was an ad for this incredibly trashy magazine, “The National Enquirer.” It said, “Enquiring minds want to know,” and the camera would pan to an avid reader of the rag, who would look straight into the camera and says, “I want to know.” There may very likely be times during your cancer […]

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Failure To Reproduce Scientific Results

With the release of Zyprexa, a second-generation antipsychotic, Eli Lilly was certain it had hit pay dirt. The second-generation antipsychotics, known as the atypical antipsychotics, or atypicals, had an improved side effect profile over the older antipsychotics, and the original research on large numbers of schizophrenics in the 1990s showed great improvement for patients treated with […]

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