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Author Archive | Dr. Candida Abrahamson, Ph.D.

My Kingdom For A. . . Marshmallow?: The Astounding Aftermath

  Even four-year-olds and marshmallows, cute a combination as they are, get old after a while. So that, it seemed, was that, as sociologist Walter Mischel, lead researcher on the Stanford Marshmallow Study, got publication after publication out of his marshmallow-eating kids run, and he knew enough to be pretty pleased with himself. If you’ll remember from last post, […]

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Mischel and Marshmallow

If I had to pick my ‘top 3 favorite’ social science experiments, it’d really be no contest. So the blue medal goes to the Milgram experiment, a re-enactment, some might say, of the Nazi defense, “I was just following orders,” as subjects displayed a willingness to shock other subjects if the person running the experiment […]

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Of a Boy, a Brain Tumor, and a Battle: A Biofeedback Success Story

My guess is that, as he spent his days in second and third grade as all elementary students do–gazing out the window, learning a bit, chewing up pencils at the electric pencil sharpener, beginning to learn cursive just so they can forget it–Garrett Porter never guessed he’d go on to write a book about visualization […]

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Warts: The Power of the Hypnotic Mind

I try to appreciate, as the famous vet wrote, “all creatures great and small,” “all things bright and beautiful.” I find spiders entrancing. I won’t kill a waterbug, not matter how much my (grown!) daughter carries on and calls it a roach. I create my own mulch pile (termed “slop” by my husband in an […]

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