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Author Archive | Dr. Candida Abrahamson, Ph.D.

Talk About Your Medicines Month

My husband won’t take pain medicine. He says it interferes with his thinking–and he’s the thinking type.  He’ll stay in bed with one hand over his migraine-aching head for hours, but no pain pill (or anything else) will pass his lips. What he will do, however, is stop at the drugstore after a medical, dental, […]

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Don’t Shoot–I’m Mentally Ill!

National Mental Health Awareness Week is here again. Unfortunately, what’s new since last year is not an improvement, unless you consider an upsurge in recent news reporting on police violence against the mentally ill to be a step in the right direction. The Washington Post reported that 124 people shot to death in the U.S. by police in […]

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Teaching Your Children to Eat Better

As of 2012, 18% of U.S. children aged 6 to 11 were obese, with many more overweight. The  same study reveals almost 21% of adolescents are classified obese. No need to describes the miserable side effects on health, appearance, and self esteem.  What to do?  Do taxes on sodas, outlawing Bug Gulps and adding veggies to […]

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The High Cost of Secrecy–When Will They Ever Learn?

Last Friday Ms. Clinton received a diagnosis of pneumonia.  She kept that information secret.  Two days later, she collapsed–in public. Instead of revealing the secret in a way she could control, the secret exposed her.  She feared her enemies would make hay over her weakness;  she collapses–double, triple hay. The decades-long Clintons’ secrecy saga prompts me to […]

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