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Author Archive | Dr. Candida Abrahamson, Ph.D.

What You Feel About How You Sleep

We live today with the two obsessions of a wealthy west: insomnia and obesity. If you’re following my blog (a third obsession–blogging), you’ve seen posts on both.  Here are some additional thoughts  on the psychology of insomnia.  Addenda on obesity will follow. Because fear of insomnia actually decreases quantity of sleep, controlling  your thoughts about sleeplessness is […]

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Money and Marriage: Honey I Hardly Know You

Forty-three percent of 1000 marriage partners surveyed this month by Fidelity Investments did not know how much their partner earns. 10% were off by $25,000 or more.  Ignorance is getting worse; the 2015 survey found that a mere 27% couldn’t answer that question correctly. 73% of those couples reported that they communicate very well or exceptionally […]

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March Gambling Madness–The Addict and the Co-Dependent

More money is wagered on March Madness than on the Superbowl–an expected $9 billion this year.  Perhaps that’s why March is Problem Gambling  Awareness Month. Betting on March Madness, or other office pools throughout the year, is socially acceptable.  More than that; it’s cool, trendy, and sociable. And that’s true even though the “professional gamblers” […]

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