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Author Archive | Dr. Candida Abrahamson, Ph.D.


Money and Marriage: Honey I Hardly Know You

Forty-three percent of 1000 marriage partners surveyed this month by Fidelity Investments did not know how much their partner earns. 10% were off by $25,000 or more.  Ignorance is getting worse; the 2015 survey found that a mere 27% couldn’t answer that question correctly. 73% of those couples reported that they communicate very well or exceptionally […]

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March Gambling Madness–The Addict and the Co-Dependent

More money is wagered on March Madness than on the Superbowl–an expected $9 billion this year.  Perhaps that’s why March is Problem Gambling  Awareness Month. Betting on March Madness, or other office pools throughout the year, is socially acceptable.  More than that; it’s cool, trendy, and sociable. And that’s true even though the “professional gamblers” […]

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Children acting out parental struggles

Charlotte was an energetic, exciting, and dominant woman who loved variety.   She chose Charlie, her opposite, as a spouse.  Charlie ate the same menu almost every day:  two eggs for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, pasta for dinner.  This lack of imagination drove Charlotte nuts.  She craved new adventures, new food–never the same thing […]

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